Chicken In A Basket


There are moments you are long distance in a bus and there is an older lady with a chicken, cozily staged in a bag or basket by her legs, in front of her legs or by your legs. Normally the chicken is quiet. Normally the chicken is a gift. If none of this makes any visual sense – I’ll take a picture next time I’m in Kenya. If this totally makes sense you probably grew up in the motherland.

Well there is another way chicken’s land in baskets. As a meal.

This is a #TBT post before my kiddos came along.

A few years ago my family and I visited Ranger’s Restaurant that is by the Nairobi National Park. It’s like a restaurant in a mini rainforest – your taste buds floated in lush nature. If you are in the city and don’t have time for a safari or need a break from pure concrete, this is a great location to unwind and feast. The kids loved the Safari Walk so if you are looking for a family friendly, outdoors, burn a few calories, consume a few more calories…Ranger’s is a good spot. We got to see rhino’s, antelopes and baboons while walking on an elevated boardwalk. Super cool stuff.


Ranger’s Restaurant Entrance

Here are a few pictures. If my memory serves me right, I had the chicken in the basket.

Mama Kukhu

Mom and Kukhu (Grandma)



Rangers Kids

Kids kicking it. The boardwalk is slightly visible in the background.


Rangers BFF

My BFF and I





Steak and Fries

Streak with some delicious pepper sauce.



Rangers Chicken fries

Chicken in a basket.




A little dancing on our way out

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  1. Can’t wait to see more posts!

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